Current Raid Team
New Raid team to be put together after official Legion launch
Submit interested to raid leader Badud for now. Old raid team list reminds, just for ideas/reminders.


--- Old raid team as below ---


Badud [Blood/Unholy]
Xan [Guardian/ Feral]
Bulimic* [Brewmaster/Windwalker]


Treehealz [Restoration/ Balance]
Angrr [Restoration/ Elemental]
Menalis [Holy/ Discipline]
Moonspel* [Restoration]


Vesiea [Arcane/ Frost]
Hunterinne [Beast Mastery/Marksmanship]
Angrit [Fury/ Protection]
Biscotti [Retribution/ Protection]
Galakras [Balance/ Restoration]
Bullsquiddss* [Assassination/Combat]

* Trial

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