Guild Rules
  • The purpose of the guild is to have fun and raid current content, on a semi-hardcore basis. It is a raiding guild. The guild is not an entity unto itself, and will never come before fun.
  • The guild has a GM, and a council. The council votes on all reserved issues*, with the GM only voting in the event of a tied vote from the council. Other votes are taken when the most members possible are online.
  • The GM sits at rank 0 and the officers at rank 1. GM and officer alts sit at the same rank as all other raiders alts. This is not a guild of the GM and his/her 30 alts.
  • New recruits fall into two categories - Initiates and socials. Initiates are trial raiders, whereas socials are not invited to raids. If a social wants to come to a raid they will be evaluated like an initiate - they must meet the item level/gems/enchants requirements (the exception is alt runs and fun runs). To apply to the guild as an initiate please post in the forum.
  • The guild bank is for anyone's use. Please be fair with what you take out and put in. Some tabs are reserved for raiders. Abusing the guild bank (selling items from the bank) could lead to punitive action.
  • Above all, treat each other as you would like to be treated, trust each other, and be nice to other people.
           *reserved issues are: kicking a member, demoting a member, promoting a member, inviting a member

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