Application to raid team
Name: Aez

Age: 40 years young

Character name: Aez

Class and MS/OS: Boomkin, bear, tree

Wow Armoury and Wow progress link:

Link to recent logs:
I have no logs, there are no raids at present.

Are you applying with your main?
Yes, Aez is my main.

Have you been in a guild raid team before? Please tell us about your raiding experience:
I raided throughout the whole of Wrath of the Lich King. I  raided in a guild called Cookie, which was 10 man and had Tutifruity as GM. I played a restoration druid and an arcane mage, depending on the raids needs.
I left Cookie and joined Omnium, which was a 25 man guild where I played just as an arcane mage.
Both of these guilds were high up in the guild rankings for Lightbringer they were both top 10 guilds in Lightbringer for their size at the time.
(My old druid is trapped in Aszune. When asked by an officer in Cookie to go to Aszune and help out set up a new guild, I sent my druid Diredemon across and renamed him Chilliflake. Aez was my level 90 boost, I needed another drood in Lightbringer.)

Why do you want to leave your last guild?
 I left Cookie as I wanted to raid in 25 man raids which were harder. I left Omnium due to quitting wow as I lost my job, wife had a baby and had to move house to another part of England all in the same month. I lost my job due to illness, which is why I started wow in the first place, and while ill I had to redecorate the whole house, fit a kitchen and bathroom etc. By the time I came back to WoW in MoP, Omnium was dead, so I quit it.
With Aez, I accepted a random guild invite to his current guild. It is a social guild and they only started raiding HFC in the last month of WoD so I don’t think they will be chasing hard raids in Legion, which is what I want to do again.

Have you read the guild and raid rules, and do you agree to follow them?
I agree, and have read them.

Can you be flexible with your gameplay, such as trying different class specialisations for the greater good of the raid?
On my drood, I am happy to play boomkin, bear and tree. I haven’t tried feral yet.
In the past, I have raided with 2 characters (restoration druid and an arcane mage) and did well. With my Drood, my healing came about as I tried healing in an alt raid in Naxx, did well and ended up raid healing with the mains while still banging out the damage with my mage.
I did the odd spot of tanking with my drood in ICC as well, he was a tree/bear at the time.
With Aez when patch 7 hit, I found I was entering lfg to get my daily valor as tree/bear/boomkin and found the queue to be quite short Smile

All of that shows I am flexible in how I play.

Can you meet the requirement of three nights a week of raiding?
I wouldn’t apply if I couldn’t meet guild requirements.

How did you find out about Kraken?
I saw the guild adverts in WoD by Tuti and I saw her yesterday while fishing and that reminded me of Kraken. I used to like the way Cookie raided, we had fun while dropping bosses, so today I decided to put in an app.

About yourself - any extra information you would like us to know:
I know my stuff and am willing to put the effort in, and have once again been bitten by the WoW bug, I logged on last March and find myself playing everyday. I left WoW last time due to major disruptions to my life, but now I am a part time student with more time on my hands than I know what to do with.
Aez has been ran through many mythic Legion dungeons, as bear and boomkin, and has an ilvl of 843ish.
My family are happy for me to raid twice a week, and not on Friday as that is our family night. I have 3 terrors aged 6 to 9.
Hi Aez, thank you for spending the time and filling in the application. We'll get in touch with you, in-game Smile
Hey Aez, great to see your application here. Looking forward to knocking some bosses down! Greetings tuti
Hi & Welcome!
[Image: 177640_43189f5b4c2b81a7.png]
Hello and welcome Aez. Always nice to see an old cookie Smile

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