Apply to raid team - Adapheon
Name: Kieran

Age: 30

Character name: Adapheon

Class and MS/OS: Arcane mage

Wow Armoury and Wow progress link: I transfered my character in the last few days so the page isn't working, will post as soon as it works.

Link to recent logs: Sorry don't have any

Are you applying with your main? Yes

Have you been in a guild raid team before? Please tell us about your raiding experience: I have been in 2 guilds that did regular raids: Gits on Vashj for vanilla wow and We toss dwarves on Bloodfeather for Wrath of the lich king. I have played a bit since (mostly warlords) but didn't raid.  

Why do you want to leave your last guild? Not in one just now

Have you read the guild and raid rules, and do you agree to follow them? Yes

Can you be flexible with your gameplay, such as trying different class specialisations for the greater good of the raid? Yes

Can you meet the requirement of three nights a week of raiding? Yes

How did you find out about Kraken? I work with one of your guild members

About yourself - any extra information you would like us to know:
Hi both of you! Vesiea will be online tomorrow and try and track you down, and I'll be on in the evening - Badud. Whisper me when you see me online for a chat.

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