Kraken - A Lightbringer EU Guild

Full Version: Recruitment
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Kraken is an alliance raiding guild on Lightbringer-Mazrigos. We are a guild of friends, and the guild is built on trust, mutual respect and reliability. We are all professional adults, and ask that you are 18+.

We currently raid Wednesday and Sunday 20.30-23.00 server time. We expect you to be in the instance 5 minutes before the raid starts. We do not extend a raid past 23.00. We expect you to come prepared, with flasks, pots, food, enchants, enthusiasm and in return we won't waste your time by taking 10 minutes between pulls.

We run personal loot only, it speeds up the raids not having to roll on loot.

We are looking for:

Retribution Paladin
Windwalker Monk

If you are interested, it is highly recommended that you make contact with an officer for a chat before doing so, so you can ask any questions you may have. Battle tag:  Vesiea#2673 or Badu#21709