[Apply to raid team] Dullee
Name: Julian

Age: 22

Character name: Dullee

Class and MS/OS: Huinter - Beast Mastery (I don't even have Dual Spec, LOL)
To be honost, I don't actually care too much which spec I am. I am playing Beast Mastery at this moment, cause I enjoy it, but I am not set in stone on anything. I havn't put much thought into my talents, which is something I would have to do.

Wow Armoury and Wow progress link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightbringer/Dullee/simple
My gear needs a bit of fine tuning (Haste Socket, LOL). So bear with me on that. I have 100k Apexis Crystals laying around which I could use to buy some 695 ilvl items (dat Crossbow, LOL). I was going to save up to buy the mount, but I don't mind spending them on the gear, and just farming more to get the mount.

Link to recent logs: I have no clue what this is.

Are you applying with your main? Yes I am.

Have you been in a guild raid team before? Please tell us about your raiding experience: I certainly have.
I have raided a lot back in the early days of wow. I raided AQ40 back in Classic, and I raided SWP back in TBC. My raiding after those two expansions have been low, cause I havn't found the right guild, the right environment, or the time to do it. A lot of things happened back in wotlk, and I just never really got into playing the game seriously since. Which hopefully will change now. I have previously been a raidleader in TBC, so I don't mind being vocal on Teamspeak, ventrilo etc.

Why do you want to leave your last guild? I have no clue. Because I can't remember my last guild.

Have you read the guild and raid rules, and do you agree to follow them? Yes I have, and Yes I do.

Can you be flexible with your gameplay, such as trying different class specialisations for the greater good of the raid? Ofcourse I can. Anything.

Can you meet the requirement of three nights a week of raiding? I would think I can. Although I start University in start Septemper (Vacation until then), I don't know my times and all of that, but it shouldn't be an issue.

How did you find out about Kraken? I saw a post in the general chat, talked a bit to a guy (SORRY I FORGOT YOU NAME), raged quite a bit too him (so typical), and he told me to apply.

About yourself - any extra information you would like us to know: I'm a pretty down to earth kind of guy. Up for anything, and then I'm plat 2 in League (gg wp faggots) Tongue
Hello Dullee,

Welcome to Kraken! I will review your application and let you know as soon as we can.
If you have any further question, don't hesitate to ask us here or in-game.
As an update for everyone, Dullee has been accepted as a social for now while he works on his gear, at which point he will become an initiate and be invited to raids.

Play nice!
Welcome Dullee. Good to see another hunter around! Ill be back in two weeks if you want to team up for some hunter fun. 

Tutifruty - hunterinne

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