Future goals Kraken.
With Kraken setting off on a new course since early January and the Nighthold raid I think it´s a good idea to take a moment to reflect on where we currently stand.

I will start with my personal reflection and after this I would like to give you a brief summarize of my ideas and future plans for our guild.
Personally, I think getting ourselves involved with so called pugs was the best move we could have possibly made. Never having really any issues with pugging myself during early Legion I felt this was the right way to bolster (affix!) our numbers. I really wanted to create an environment where we would always raid with 20 people and noone less. Legion, is like Warlords still an expansion where it´s more suitable to bring a larger team to a ´gunfight´ (raid) than bringing a smaller team or a unbalanced team with too many healers or too many melee for example as we had been doing in the past.

I don´t believe it´s possible to recruit players on Lightbringer that easily either; there's simply too many other guilds around with better progress and larger numbers: they will always continue to surpass us when people look for a new guild. I also feel people currently still switching within guilds on Lightbringer do so because they were in disagreement with their current guild. As much as that is possible, it's often also a 'career' switch based on drama within lightbringer. 

I was much more looking for the lone wolves; scattered all over the interwebz; as I was myself once as well when I return to Lightbringer alliance and my Real Life friend left the game within a matter of weeks; and I met Badud, Ves, Xan and Treehealz in Et Lux Et Tenebris. - Enough bout myself; You see where I'm heading to: I want to continue as we are doing now, picking up pugs, providing them with an awesome raid and hopefully with a chance to recruit them, like how we recruited Physics (Char) and Zagoras: We can't even imagine raiding without them anymore already.

Towards leadership I think I've proven my worth in the last few months; I feel I was already heavily involved with the guild's whereabouts regardless, though I never wanted to be in the spotlights that much, a choice I had made years ago when I returned to Lightbringer. As it stands now I'm very happy I was officially set in my current role and I'm also pleased with the structure I created by making Kylnathe (Pantox, please, Ima just call you pantox) and Eloise as ''Co-Gm'' - We make all the choices together; us 3. We all agree on something- we disagree on something, we let it pass. We discuss matters; more than you might even be aware about. 
This has been working out great and I've gotten to know Eloise and Pantox alot better over the past months and I'm looking forward to continue ensuring a healthy base for Kraken with them and our raids. 

Towards our raids I feel the atmosphere is close to perfection; I see people goofing around when it's possible, hear people opening up on teamspeak; the fact we take a handfull of pugs doesnt seem to bother anyone: we are a strong and oiled machine. We know eachother well and what to expect from another. When we face difficulties; like on Trilliax the other day ? It's on them, not on us. Don't forget that. Don't get downhearted when we hit a bump in the road. We know what to do, and we'll make sure we get it done. I hope we can continue to cooperate in a positive atmosphere together and ensuring we provide a social and relaxing raid to all. 
Lastly, I think Bumz has been doing a good job as well as a raidleader and I think our joint effort has proven to work out fine also including the day I fell ill he prove us he knows how to get the raid coordinated. It doesnt seem like much of an effort, but when you have to setup the raid for the first time yourself you'll understand how much extra work goes into it really. 

In conclusion: I'm very satisfied  with all of you, and extremely proud! *pats on the back*

In final; I would like to give you a brief summarize of our future goals & plans and some pointers.

- 7.2 Tomb of Sargeras will see release early April. My guess is April 12th.

- I intend to start extending lockouts, so we can ensure a Heroic Gul Dan kill before the release of Tomb of Sargeras.

- I will start extending lockouts after next week's raid ( wed 8 march first lockout extend ). This means we will only be having to deal with Tichondrus, Botanist, Elisande and Guldan in our 2 raidnights on wednesday and sunday.

- As I can understand this means people can't get anymore loot from previous bosses, there will be two extra raids planned on thursday 9th and thursday the 23rd. Please try to attend these; for some it may be of vital importance to complete their tier sets, get a certain relic or trinket; but there is another reason to it:

- I will be ''benching'' a couple of players, depending on the difficulty level of the fight for these progression nights(extendedlockouts). If for example you can not bring 400-450k DPS to the table, there might be a chance that you are put on standby. I will let you know about this beforehand. This is my hardest call/choice of action in Kraken so far. If however I don't do this, we will not complete Nighthold before the next patch. 
The people I intend to bench are obviously more than welcome to prove their worth again in those 2 extra Nighthold raids on Thursdays.
It's nothing personal. Once Tomb of Sargeras starts, we're all on a clean page again- everyone gets to participate again.

PS: Note it's not only about hitting a DPS 'bench' mark - it's also about knowing mechanics of the fights, your tasks, your sustainability-survivability and mostly; knowing your own class well.

- If you need a night off, or are going on a holiday, please let me, Eloise or Kylnathe know. It's fine to take a night off by the way! I appreciate the fact some of you are here 100% of the time though.

- Pym has been doing a great job posting the logs on the forums. Would you all be so kind to have a look at them the day after; or when you get a chance ? There's alot to learn from these logs.

- If you need any help with your class, please reach out to others. If you notice people are doing something consistantly wrong, don't feel affraid to point this out to that person. We're here to help eachother.
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