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Easy as fuck (Pasta) sauce! - Angrr - 11-11-2016

HELLO & WELCOME TO MY EASY AND DEELISH PASTA SAUCE ( deelish is street talk for delicious )

You know you want to have this shit in your belly so get your lazy ass to the grocery store and buy the following:

12 Roma Tomatoes ( Yes Roma, no fakers )
2 whole onions 
1 garlic
1 red pepper 
Basel ( get yourself a whole plant, they're like 1 euro, don't be cheap and your mother will love the fact you finally have a plant in your stinky house )
Rosemary ( the fresh one, no dried stuff )
a bag of broken cheese bits/flakes.

- minced meat ( That's GEHAKT for you Dutchies so you don't have to google the crap out of that )
- PASTA ( I used Penne )


- a Good spirit. I recommend listening to this song whilst making this food: (Click ''this song already, you tit! )
- An oven
- A baking dish you can put into that oven
- A pan 
- Another pan. 

Grab yourself a sharp knife and start beheading those tomatoes
then cut them into 2 halves
( it doesnt get any harder than this dont worry )

Ok now toss them into that dish
Cut them onions into small pieces it's ok if you cry a little we're all little drama queens 
spread them over the tomatoes

Now wash and destern your greenies (Rosemary and basel)
Mix them up with some olive oil , salt & pepper into a grinder so they make a nice juice ( not too much olive oil, like 2 big table spoons )

Keep the Red pepper seperate and cut it up into little pieces don't throw away the seeds or you might as well put a paprika in.

Now devide that greeny mix over your baking dish and last you spread the red peppers around.
Don't be a Van Gogh it doesnt have to look pretty you're going to Mix this all soon.

Get your oven preheated 200 degrees and get yourself some OVEN MITTS ( Yes the ones grandma gave you ) don't burn your precious gaming hands now I need you to be in full working order for Xavius on Sunday.

Put the dish into the oven for about 35 minutes ( not too long, it will burn )

After 15minutes, prepare!
Put up some Water and get some of that Penne Pasta ready.
In the meanwhile start cooking up that Minced meat ( DONT AD ANYMORE OIL ) just dry bake it.

After 35minutes, get your stuff out of the oven now toss it all into that Mixer
Mix it all up but just a little , like 15 seconds. It can be chunky ! ( Or you might as well get a premade bag of sauce that's been grinded to hell by machines )

Now put the baked minced meat into the red sauce ( Yes it's supposed to be red thats the colour of most tomatoes )
Get your pasta out, poor some more vinegar on the pasta ( after you poored out the water ) WHY You ask Angr ? If you poor some vinegar oil onto it IT DOESNT GET STICKY: EVER

PICTURES CUS I KNOW YOU STOPPED READING AT HOW TO START: ( like the average attention span on our boss fight explanations after 1 minute you all whip your toys out and are like '' yeah sure I'll figure it out and then stand in crap and die and was like, OH, perhaps I SHOULDVE PAID MORE ATTENTION '' ) 

[Image: 97nqrBv.jpg]

[Image: hErDsPX.jpg]

[Image: YeaYM73.jpg]

[Image: PTR6aPX.jpg]

[Image: FEzj2l3.jpg]

[Image: CYvGv7Z.jpg]

From the Movie Labyrinth because yes he was an excellent actor as well

[Image: labyrinth-David-Bowie-1.jpg]

RE: Easy as fuck (Pasta) sauce! - Galakras - 11-13-2016

As a student myself, please define the word ''easy''. =P

RE: Easy as fuck (Pasta) sauce! - Angrr - 11-14-2016


You can't go wrong on this, trust me Big Grin

You can make a large batch and eat from this 3 times ( the amount above )

RE: Easy as fuck (Pasta) sauce! - jellybelly - 01-06-2018

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